Fair Lux Pledge

I have made a pledge with Fair Luxury that I will offer a recycled silver finding option for each pair of earrings before the end of 2021.

image of recycled silver finding


But why?

Well, whilst the ready-made findings that I buy in wholesale may be likely to contain some recycled silver, ECO SILVER has the benefit that it is 100% certified, 100% audited, 100% recycled. Using ready-made findings has been a trade off that I decided to make back in 2018 when I started making silver jewellery. My first instinct was to use Eco silver, but when I made my own findings I wasn’t happy with the durability, the consistency, or the extra costs involved in the time it takes to make them.

My goal was to give a second life to the scraps of bouncy castle, and for that life to last as long as possible. So, to keep the costs reasonable, for time saving, and for consistency, I chose ready-made sterling silver findings, which can also be recycled at the end of its ear-based life. Over the last lockdown I have been revisiting different silver types and developing my own skills (yes, and buying tools…) so I feel now is the time to expand the choice available, and potentially phase out ready-made findings completely… I have also been looking at Argentium silver as another option as this silver is hypoallergenic, low tarnish and eco friendly. What do you think? Is the origin of your silver important to you & how do you feel about a higher cost for a certified supply chain?


My pledge is number 81


Fair Luxury pledge

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