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For the series Good Folk on this blog I have sent interview questions to some really wonderful people who are either making things, running shops, or generally promoting sustainability. I think you will enjoy reading their answers as much as I have, and I hope they inspire us all with the knowledge that there are people doing good in the world!

This interview is with Jo from Discover Blue, and online shop selling ocean-friendly bathroom product boxes to help reduce single-use plastic waste. These can be bought as either one off boxes or as a subscription service.

Tell me about yourself and the work that you do

My name is Jo, I am a marine biologist and the founder of Discover Blue. Discover Blue sells ocean-friendly bathroom boxes direct through your letterbox making the switch to plastic-free easy. 

discover blue

How or why did you get started?

Having travelled and worked in some of the world’s most beautiful places I began to notice the damage we are doing to the oceans. Plastic waste seemed to be floating everywhere and washing up on the beaches. On my return to London I decided to help influence change by setting up Discover Blue.

What is your favourite thing about the work that you do?

One of my favourite things about working at Discover Blue is bringing together the amazing ocean-friendly products that other small businesses in the UK are producing. The other is seeing where my boxes are being delivered and knowing I have helped make a sustainable lifestyle easier for them.

discover blue
What are your plans for the future?

I set up Discover blue earlier this year, so we are still fairly young and figuring things out. However the response and feedback so far has been hugely successful and therefore in the future we will be looking to expand our range of boxes to include other household items besides bathroom products and perhaps a celebration range.

Have you got a particular cause or issue that you would like to raise awareness of?

discover blue

From someone who spends as much time in the ocean as possible there are so many issues I would love to raise awareness for. But by setting up Discover Blue I chose to focus on the global issue of marine plastic pollution. Unless we start making some changes there will be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050.

Do you have any advice for people trying to shop or live more ethically?

My advice is ‘We can’t all do it right all of the time but we should be proud of our efforts big and small’ 
Sharing is my top tip. Whenever I find a new product or shop or learn something new, I tell someone so they too can live more ethically.

What would be the top thing that you would change about the way we treat the planet if you could?

I believe that if everyone spent more time in nature we would learn ourselves what we can do as individuals to treat the planet better. There is no one quick fix, but different changes by different people would have a positive impact. So if I ruled the world I would encourage everyone to go outside, look around and take care of what they see. 

discover blue

Where can we find you on the internet, buy your work, or join in?

You can find all my products on the website Or follow me on facebook and Instagram.

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