For the series Good Folk on this blog I have sent interview questions to some really wonderful people who are either making things, running shops, or generally promoting sustainability. I think you will enjoy reading their answers as much as I have, and I hope they inspire us all with the knowledge that there are people doing good in the world!

This interview is with underwear brand Molke, who were brought to my attention by one of my fantastic customers, who models for them! I was immediately impressed with their inclusive models, and looked into their values, you can read more about them here. Here's a walk through their processes, work and materials:

Molke is a small company based in Scotland using quality, sustainably sourced fabrics to create comfortable and colourful underwear, swimwear and clothing. We have a small factory in rural Perthshire and make all of our bras here, with the long term plan of manufacturing all our amazing items in Scotland as soon as we are able! 

machinist at Molke in Scotland

We are passionate about providing great customer service and quality products for anyone looking for comfortable and supportive underwear.

Power group Molke models

We love to work with colourful, quirky fabric designs to help our customers let their personalities shine. Life is too short for boring undies! All of our fabrics are designed especially for us so they are completely unique to Molke. In the past we have collaborated with illustrators like Cutie and the Feast, Sarah Edmonds and SPILTHdesign to create some of our popular designs!

Molke leggings
We do our best to reduce the waste that comes from our production process. Spare fabric that we are unable to use gets sent to TCS Eco to make our CSP. All of our packaging is plastic free and fully recycled/recyclable. We understand our responsibility to look after the planet as much as we can!

Molke CSP





Molke logo