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For the series Good Folk on this blog I have sent interview questions to some really wonderful people who are either making things, running shops, or generally promoting sustainability. I think you will enjoy reading their answers as much as I have, and I hope they inspire us all with the knowledge that there are people doing good in the world!


This interview is with Mamma See Mamma Do. I would highly recommend you go over to Instagram and give her a follow if you don't already. Her commitment to shopping second hand and vintage is inspiring and her photos are gorgeous!

I am Mamma See Mamma Do - I started off with a blog after starting my instagram feed.  It was all about fashion (a lot of it fast) but after a while I realised I was not following my heart.  Vintage and pre loved is my passion.  Sourcing and wearing.   Wearing what's different to anyone else and finding imaginative pieces.  Fast fashion wasn't for me and I became frustrated with instagram being a place where if you're pushing fast fashion and gifted items constantly you had a bigger reach and could become bigger accounts far quicker than those with a slower mindset.
Mamma see mamma do
My blog has stalled at the moment until I find a way to work it to add more second hand etc.  It had turned to a more sustainable blog but I think I will relaunch it once I've found a formula I'm happy with.
I am working on a little venture which I hope to launch very soon.  It will be channelling my passion for sourcing great vintage and preloved and selling.  
 vintage outfit
Since the end of last year I vowed to not buy new for a year.  I am still very much interested in real sustainable brands (not 'sustainability' as given to us by the big fast fashion brands).  I buy most of my children's clothes second hand from sites like Depop so try to fill our wardrobes with pieces already in the system.
I am proud that I have stuck to my guns even after being offered gifts from companies which I have had to turn down especially as I am pledging not to buy new.  In doing so I have found so many like minded people, activists, vintage traders, second hand lovers who are all doing great things towards a more sustainable society.
My plans for the future as I said above are to start my own business.  I know I will be a small fish and it takes time but I think there is room for more second hand traders out there bringing their passion to the masses.
magazine article

Some of my favourite vintage traders are:


Wild Daisy Vintage

Waiste Vintage

Valery's Vintage

Souled Out At House of Provenance

The Vintage Assembly

Selenas Shop

Shop B Muse


Stories In Clothes

Rosina Ball Vintage

Noble Daughters

Peony Vintage

Medley Vintage



Rokit Vintage

My advice for people wishing to shop for fashion more sustainably - remove yourself from all fast fashion and big brand emails.  Review your instagram feed and follow who makes you feel good and who has a more ethical approach.  You can't be tempted to buy unethically and fast if you're not constantly bombarded by new products.  Patience is key - sustainable fashion isn't a fast fix.  Pieces you buy you should really love.  If you want to follow current trends, there are a wealth of traders and online marketplaces filled with treasures where you can find every single trend you'd ever want by utilising what is already in circulation.
My favourite thing to do in my free time is spending a day at a vintage clothing fair or around the markets - Portobello and Brick Lane but at the moment I want to discover some lesser known areas.  I found great vintage in Totnes in Devon for example and I hear Norwich has a great vintage community.
vintage dress
The one thing I'd like to see more of - better treatment of garment workers.  Less landfill.  People's attitudes to fast fashion changing quickly.  People's attitude to shopping in charity shops changing (a lot are but there is still some negativity but I tell you, these are the best places to find amazing fashion).


Follow Mamma See Mamma Do on Instagram here @mamma_see_mamma_do


Photographs by @mamma_see_mamma_do


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