Vonnie from Arc Lore

For the series Good Folk on this blog I have sent interview questions to some really wonderful people who are either making things, running shops, or generally promoting sustainability. I think you will enjoy reading their answers as much as I have, and I hope they inspire us all with the knowledge that there are people doing good in the world!

This interview is with Vonnie from Arc Lore, an organic line of stylish & quality flatwoven towels and throws made for sustainable living, travel & adventures.

Tell me about yourself and the work that you do.

Hi, I'm Vonnie. Having spent 2 decades in the corporate world I am now building a sustainable start up with some friends. I look after the business operations of Arc Lore as well as all things finance. As an owner of a startup, it means rolling up the sleeves and getting the hands dirty whilst being a jack of all trades.

How or why did you get started?

My husband and I had a passion to start a business and we wanted to source high quality goods that are relevant to daily life. Along the sourcing journey we realised how much of an impact sourcing sustainably can make and through education I became even more passionate about it. I was fascinated by an opportunity to be part of something that was bigger than me, something that would benefit the world we live in.

What is your favourite thing about the materials that you work with?

Once we got going there was so much to learn about organic farming. The cotton in our products are GOTS certified and we got to learn even more about the traditional weaving methods of our products and finding the villages that make them in Turkey. My favourite thing about our product is the regenerative method of farming that organic brings, not just the benefits to the environment, but to livelihoods, to the ecosystems, and to sustainability.

arc lore

Have you got a particular cause or issue that you would like to raise awareness of?

Desertification. Most of us are aware that globally land degradation is accelerating from climate change and deforestation. However, excessive irrigation from poor farming methods (particularly in already water-scarce areas of the developing world) is also a contributor to turning fertile land into deserts. According to the UN, 700 million people around the world could be displaced from their homes by 2050 when these new drylands become uninhabitable.

What’s your favourite thing to do with your free time and why?

I love being in and exploring the outdoors. Constantly curious to try new things, go to new places and meet new people.

What would be the top thing that you would change about the way we treat the planet if you could? 

My answer is not particularly original but on a personal level to slow down on over consumption, to simplify living habits and to reduce waste.

Where can we find you on the internet/buy your work?

Online at www.arclore.com or at our showroom in Ashburnham Place, Battle, East Sussex.

Arc lore