What is your jewellery made from?

T-shirt yarn & bouncy castles! You can find out about the materials used to make Stellen jewellery here.

How are the earrings made from bouncy castles?

Bouncy castles are usually made from a strong and flexible plastic called PVC. It arrives with me in the form of small sized scraps of a mix of PVC and vinyl PVC from Wyatt and Jack. They salvage plastics that would otherwise go to landfill and turn them into fabulous unique bags. The off cuts of these bags are then sent to me.

What is T-shirt yarn & what is it made from?

T-shirt yarn has many names: jersey yarn, trapilho & zpaghetti to name a few. You can make your own using old t-shirts, but the yarn used here is brand new fabric that has been reclaimed from fashion industry waste. It is made from textile leftovers in the form of long strips of fabric wound into a bobbin. As the long, flat strips are wound tightly the fabric is pulled and the edges roll in towards each other and create a rounded yarn. The yarn has ‘raw’ edges, which can sometimes curl in and out throughout the jewellery. This is the nature of the irregular material

What is the composition of t-shirt yarn?

It is difficult to give an exact answer to this one. Because t-shirt yarn is made from textile leftovers it can vary in composition and feel. It typically contains around 90% cotton, the rest of the content is made up of “other fibers’ which varies and could include: elastane, polyester, lurex, acrylic, viscose, fleece and other natural and synthetic fibers. I use yarn from: Welcome Yarn, Hoooked, Retwisst, Bobbiny and TekTek, who supply 'typical composition' information rather than individual content for each fabric.

What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver is an alloy made from 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals such as copper. This is why sterling silver jewellery is often hallmarked with the number 925.

Will the item I receive be exactly the same as the photos?

Each item is handmade from recycled materials and therefore unique; exact colours, pattern and size may vary. Some fabric may have rough edges and/or pin holes and patterns may have irregularities in their print.

Can we read some reviews please?

Yes! Whilst we sort out a review system for this website, you can have a look at the reviews on our Etsy shop, which has 90 5-star reviews.   Average Item Review for Stellen on Etsy

Why do you interchange the words recycled, upcycled, rescued and salvaged?

When materials are recycled they are often broken down into small pieces/fibers and reformed as a new 'recycled' material. The materials that I use have not been recycled using this kind of process, but rather have been diverted from their journey to landfill and given a new life in their same form. In the case of t-shirt yarn - it is simply cut & wound into a usable form using machinery, and in the case of the bouncy castle PVC - it is the off-cuts from re-purposing the material as bags. These processes are more similar to upcycling, but the term recycling is in more common use and one that many people understand straight away, so is used as a shorthand description. Salvaging, rescuing, diverting and swerving waste from landfill are all the same ways of describing that these materials have been given a reprise on the journey towards the end of their life, and will hopefully be kept out of the waste stream for longer.

What is Ecologi?

Ecologi is an environmental organisation, commited to climate action. I pay a monthly fee as a 'business' subscriber with 1 employee (that's me!) to offset my carbon footprint (they even add a bit more so you become climate positive) through funding renewable energy and forest protection and for the future by funding reforestation. Find out more here.

We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi


Can I ask another question?

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