Guest feature page: Make up to match your earrings!

Please welcome Kitty to this guest feature page.

Read all about Kitty in her interview here.

Kitty: I created this makeup look inspired by my well-loved pair of Stellen triangle earrings! I often take inspiration from my earrings when creating looks. When I do this, I’ll consider what feature of the earrings I want to highlight with my makeup.
Maybe it’s their shape, size, colour or material, maybe they remind me of a specific era or artist?
Stellen kindly gifted me these triangle charms in every colour of the rainbow – so now I have endless colour combinations to play around with! For this look, I wanted something on the minimalist side, so I picked the black and white triangles.
I focused on their colour and shape and came up with a triangular graphic liner with one block colour on each eye.
Firstly, I did my brows with a brow gel (this is the Glossier one, but I also love the Elf brow gel as a more affordable dupe). I do all my eye makeup before any base makeup because it’s so much easier to clean up if it goes wrong!
If I’m doing an eyeshadow look, I’ll prime my eyes with concealer to help the eyeshadow stick and be as vibrant as possible – but I skipped this step as I only used eyeliner.
Next was the fun (and slightly nerve-wracking) part of drawing triangles on my eyelids. You could use any kind of liquid eyeliner for this, but my favourite kind is water-activated cake liners. They’re the makeup equivalent of watercolour paints!

To use them, get a thin brush, dip it in water and mix that into these solid pots of pigment. It creates a creamy liquid liner that’s easy to apply and clean up if it goes wrong. You can find a more detailed tutorial on how to use these kinds of liners on my page!
When I’m drawing a particular pattern or shape, I’ll practice on the back of my hand so I can get a feel for what I need to replicate on my face. I’d definitely recommend doing this, whether it’s your first time trying graphic eyeliner or your fiftieth!
Once I felt like I’d practiced enough, I started drawing simple white triangles on one eye.
My biggest tip with graphic liner is to keep going back and forth on each eye, making sure it looks symmetrical and correcting it as you go along.
You can see here that every time I drew a white triangle on one eye, I’d mirror it exactly in black on the other eye.
It’s a lot easier than finishing one eye and trying to replicate it perfectly on the other side!
I just drew a few on each eye and kept them as outlines.
You could do as many of these simple triangles as you want, or fill them in with colour, vary the sizes, put them all around your eye – as it’s a simple shape there’s a lot of ways you could take this!
Once I was happy with the graphic liner itself, I added some mascara and base makeup.
You could add some false lashes here if you wanted, but I wanted to keep this look on the more minimalist side and let the liner itself be the focus.
My base makeup is more minimalist by nature anyway – at the moment I’m loving the Colourpop Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturiser in 4N! It’s a great shade match and a little goes a long way.
I use this on my under-eyes and any areas on my face where I want to even out the skin tone. I suppose I use it more like you’d use a concealer than a foundation, as I prefer to target areas where I want coverage and leave other areas of my skin bare.
I don’t use bronzer or contour my face (believe me, nothing about my skin colour screams bronze!) but I love a good pink blush, and this is what I use to emphasize my cheekbones more.
Maybe I’m delusional (likely), but I think this liner look would work with any lip colour! You could add a sparkly nude gloss, a super dark lip, but I went with an opaque cherry-red gloss.
And there you go, a simple graphic liner that coordinates perfectly with your Stellen triangle earrings! You can swap out the colours to match any pair of Stellen earrings you already have. As the triangle shapes are so simple to create, I feel like this is a great way to dip your toes into the art of drawing random shapes on your face – something I always encourage!
If you take inspiration from this look, please tag me as I’d love to see what you create! Plus, it’s always good etiquette to tag any artists who inspire your looks.
For more earring-coordinated colourful looks and video tutorials, come and have a lurk on my Instagram feed @make.up_kit