Mix and Match earrings

I had been puzzling for a while about how to sell more earrings but without using up more silver, because frankly, once you have a pair of Stellen silver hoops, you don’t need another one: all of the earrings sold here are compatible with the same hoops.

Sets have now been added HERE so that you can mix and match your own pairs of triangle earrings.

If you go for a full set of 10 colours you can make 45 combinations (and that’s if you only wear the same pairs of colours each side).

Already bought a pair of Stellen hoop earrings? - Go for the “no hoops” option. Want a set of 4 but you’ve already got one of the colours? Send me a message and swap one out.

This is also beginning to be rolled out across the "Shape earrings", giving a choice of earring fitting or no fitting - so that they can be placed on Stellen hoops that you already own. If you have a shape you would like but it hasn't yet been updated with this option, just send me a message and I will make sure it is next.

Each piece of bouncy castle PVC and vinyl PVC has a small hole in, which makes it easy to take on and off the hoop fitting.

The earrings may well fit on other hoops in your collection, especially if the earrings shapes are attached via a bigger aperture rather than the small hole, but are only guaranteed to fit on Stellen hoops.

Do you want hoops with that? by Stellen


Your set will arrive 'flat-packed' in recycled paper slips, like the example below, ready for you to assemble:

Stellen mix and match earrings packagiing example