Molke Photoshoot


Stellen is very luck indeed to have wonderful customers such as @_jumpingjuniper_ (pictured) who wore her Stellen Curve necklace to match her outfits whilst modeling for the fantastic underwear brand Molke.

I asked Molke to give us some more information about their work, materials and their processes for the blog series Good Folk, here's what they had to say:

Molke is a small company based in Scotland using quality, sustainably sourced fabrics to create comfortable and colourful underwear, swimwear and clothing. We have a small factory in rural Perthshire and make all of our bras here, with the long term plan of manufacturing all our amazing items in Scotland as soon as we are able!  We are passionate about providing great customer service and quality products for anyone looking for comfortable and supportive underwear.

We love to work with colourful, quirky fabric designs to help our customers let their personalities shine. Life is too short for boring undies! All of our fabrics are designed especially for us so they are completely unique to Molke. In the past we have collaborated with illustrators like Cutie and the Feast, Sarah Edmonds and SPILTHdesign to create some of our popular designs!
We do our best to reduce the waste that comes from our production process. Spare fabric that we are unable to use gets sent to TCS Eco to make our CSP. All of our packaging is plastic free and fully recycled/recyclable. We understand our responsibility to look after the planet as much as we can!


The photographer at the shoot was Julie Howden and her website is 

Model @_jumpingjuniper_

I also asked model Sophia a bit about herself, and she was kind enough to share the following:

"My name is Sophia and I'm a technician in medical research at Aberdeen University. I'm an animal and nature lover who has been exploring more independent, ethical and sustainable brands and living.

How did you come to model for Molke?
Molke were releasing new products and put out a call for models to their customers. The majority of the people who model for Molke is a customer of theirs who wears Molke day-to-day. I'd become quite a fan of theirs so I thought I might go for it. My partner didn't realise I was actually going to do it until I was standing in the garden in my bra asking him to take photos of me... He kindly obliged! I submitted them and to my surprise they asked myself, along with a couple of other beautiful ladies, to model. It was a completely new experience for me but a lot of fun and very enjoyable! I've since done a wee bit of lockdown modelling for them; they sent me a couple of underwear sets and I've stripped off all over Aberdeen and had my husband take photos of me to send to them! 😂 I have few reservations about people seeing me in my underwear now, especially since they're so amazing and I'm already on the Internet in just my smalls!
What are you passionate about?
I've been passionate about animals and the environment since I was young; my degrees are in zoology and animal welfare, ethics and law. I'm increasingly trying to find ways of reducing my impact on the environment; I think this is becoming easier as more companies are becoming more aware and producing more products with sustainability in mind. I'm reading and learning more about the ethics and supply chains of companies and trying to put my money to better places. Through Molke I've discovered other independent, sustainable businesses such as Stellen. I love the reuse of waste materials and the chunky t-shirt necklaces look SO good with so many outfits! There's literally a colour for every occasion. And I think it's lovely you get a little matching bracelet too, such a nice little extra!
Other fab vendors I've found also include JJ Jiraffee  where I purchased reusable face wipes and "un-sponges" (for cleaning) made from fabric scraps. They also make clothing, happy pants, CSP and baby bits. I got my husband some space pants made so he can match my space pants! The best CSP (cloth sanitary products) I've found have been from TCS Eco. Kerry hand makes her items on the West Coast of Scotland. She's extremely knowledgeable, her customer service is fabulous and the products are very good. The choice of fabrics, cores and shapes are extensive and they are SO soft! She now also supplies Molke with their CSP using their fabric scraps.
Since lockdown I've also started foraging for edible plants and mushrooms. At the moment I'm mostly learning, photographing, identifying but I've found quite a few porcini, made some elderflower cordial, pickled some wild garlic buds! I love going out for walks, in forests particularly, and when you're on the hunt for edibles you really start noticing SO much more!
What’s your big dream?
I'd love to be a forensic zoologist working in preventing wildlife crime! Thaaat's a pretty hard area to get into, so for now I'll be happy if we get accepted for our first mortgage! 🤞😂
Do you have an issue you want to raise awareness off?
If you look at my Molke photos as a customer just browsing for undies then you might not notice; but I see it and it was something we discussed when we were doing the shoot. In my teens and early 20s I suffered with depression and, as a result, I self injured. For years I was embarrassed by it and covered up my arm and my thigh. I now have a tattoo covering those on my arm but the injuries on my thigh are still visible. During the photoshoot we discussed if I was comfortable with them being seen (not "shown off") and I said yes.
While it's hard to say how many people self injure, statistics suggest 13% of 11-16 year olds in the UK have done so. Many don't and won't talk about it. I feel it's important to have diverse representation in advertising, media, politics, entertainment, fashion, beauty etc. If I saw someone with self injury scars, being represented in a similar way to myself, I may not have felt so ashamed of mine for so long. There might not be as much stigma around it. People who need to talk, could talk. Now more than ever we need to be talking as research suggests thoughts of self injury are increasing during the pandemic. So, to those reading this, if things are tough, please, reach out. You AREN'T alone. A friend, family, doctor or impartial organisation. Has a list of organisations you can call, text or email depending on your preference. For support, help and how to stay safe. Phone/text/Web chat, support and Covid advice. An app recommended for use when you have an urge. (It's actually new to me at the time of writing this but I've downloaded it now to have a look.)

You can recover. We are all beautiful."