Where do all the broken inflatables go when they die? Landfill? The back of the cupboard/garage/shed? These fun and funky, and in the heat of the summer: frankly essential, toys, pool floats and paddling pools are made from plastic. In landfill, these plastics aren't currently going anywhere fast.. BUT they remain so usable, if a little more ... flat..!?

That's where Wyatt and Jack come in, already well known for their recycled deckchair and bouncy castle bags, they are perfectly placed to help tackle some more of the growing landfill problem. 

After a disastrous encounter between a paddling pool and a cat, founder Georgia was reminded of an idea she had before "that lots of beach goers, would be ending up throwing quite a few  broken inflatables and water toys, into bins either before the end of their holidays, or on their way home...So... THIS YEAR, If you have an inflatable that has a puncture that you can't repair, or is intended for the bin- send it our way and we will turn it into bags" And she called it the Inflatable Amnesty.

The response was A M A Z I N G ! ! and a  little bit overwhelming for their set up, and so, they sent out a plea:

"We are collecting broken beach inflatables and turning them into bags  and accessories, saving them from landfill. WE NEED HELP- QUICKLY!"

Wyatt and Jack have now launched a Crowdfunder campaign to help them process the volume of broken inflatables they are receiving every day. 

And they need your help! The best part is, that whatever you pledge for you will receive as it is a Flexible Funding campaign and so will receive all pledges made by October 18th 2018 at 9:31pm. Edit: Wyatt and Jack got told by crowdfunder, that they were so behind the environmental aspect of the #inflatablamnesty that they wanted them to have an extension on the project, until the 1st November 2018, to make sure they reach their target !!

The rewards range from £10-£1500 and include a variety of bags (or Stellen Earrings) and unique or bespoke items and even a bag making weekend.     

As they say "In order for us to collect and/or make sure they are all delivered to us  and a continuous cycle of products are being made and plastic saved from landfill, we are looking for this funding, so we can then facilitate the enormous scale of it and hopefully turn it into a global initiative, quickly!"

How cool it that?

Click here to pledge to fund the campaign.  

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