I love how versatile tshirt yarn is, and there are many different ways to make a necklace using the yarn. you can knit, finger knit, french knit, crochet, finger crochet, icord, macrame knot, plait or simply wrap round and round in a circle and fasten the ends together with a knot. SO many possibilities!!

This guide explains how I make my Stellen Curve necklace, I recommmend making and undoing and making again a few times whilst you get to grips with the process and the tension.

YouTube is a fantastic place to watch tutorials, especially if you are a visual learner, so get searching! This is a link <click here> to a set of tutorials I made for a longer necklace a few years ago, the principal is the same, if you are following this guide make sure to only do 17 stitches, not 25.

Use a slip knot to attach your yarn to your hook when you begin (make sure to leave a long end if you are making a necklace)

Chain stitch: this is a basic stitch used to start a project, it means you bring your yarn over your hook (so the new yarn goes between the knot and the end of the hook) so that you now have 2 loops on your hook, and you use the hook to pull the new yarn through the original yarn so that you have one loop on your hook. as you repeat this stitch a "chain" appears. Always place the new yarn nearest to the hook.

Slip stitch: This stitch will form the second row of your necklace, so it is going back down the row that you have just made. With your hook still in the yarn loop that you last made, turn your freshly made chain and place your hook back through the second loop from the hook (the 'first' loop is on the hook), you now have 2 loops on your hook. Bring your yarn over the hook and use the hook to pull the new yarn through both loops, so that you now have one loop on your hook.

An extra chain stitch at the end of the secon row makes turning the row again easier.

Slip stitch back along the row again to make a third row, when you make your last stitch you can measure the two ties and cut the remaining yarn to match the first side (with the hook still in the last stitch) then pull the remaining yarn all the way through with the hook to prevent the necklace from unraveling.

If at any time you want to undo what you have just done, simply remove your hook from the loop it is in and pull the working yarn gently so that it pops out of each stitch, when you have undone enough you can put your hook back in to a loop and start again.

Larks head knot: fold your length of yarn in half, take the fold and pass it through a loop in your necklace, feed the two ends of your yarn through the folded section (at the same time), and pull the ends down.