It's no secret that I love the colour blue, so I am over the moon to see that the Pantone Colour of the year is

PANTONE 19-4052 TCX 

Classic Blue

According to Pantone their colour choice stems from a desire to gravitate towards stability and calm in these fraught and hectic times. I thought I'd spend sometime reflecting on the last year at Stellen and looking forward to the next with some of the colour psychology behind the colour blue.

Let’s start with the obvious. Blue is a *primary* colour, it is one of the first, the select triad whose combinations make up all of the other colours, or so we are taught from an early age. It is the colour of the sea and the sky, plenty of which I can see just by taking a few steps outside of my studio. Karen Haller states in The Little Book Of Colour “time and again research shows blue to be the world’s favourite colour.” Blue doesn't make me feel sad, itmakes me feel happy when I see it, and I’ve never met a shade I didn’t like. I may or may not have made more necklaces in shades of blue than any other… (I have). Although my best seller of 2019 was the mustard Curve necklace, it’s such a lovely colour to pair with blue, don’t you think?

If blue is about approachability, honesty and integrity, then connecting with people is one of the ways I use these aspects of this colour to share what I aim to do with Stellen. This year I have taken Stellen to over 20 different in-person events. From a small school hall for 3 hours to a giant field at Hampton Court for 3 days, from regular local markets in Folkestone to Oxford Street, London. I love being able to tell the story of the materials to the people that I meet, and I would love to get better at doing this online. For 2020 one of my aims is to improve my storytelling, to make my aims understood by others, and capture my real-life enthusiasm on the page. Dark blue is said to create focus and concentration. The last year has shown me that the events I attended which were focussed on ethical and sustainable produce are where ‘Stellen’ was the most well received. Whilst this feels lovely I feel like I’m talking to the converted, so rather than concentrating on sustainability events I’m going to challenge myself to take on events outside of my comfort zone, and get some more people talking about waste and ways we can reuse and repurpose materials we already have. Light blue can convey a sense or tranquility and calm. I could definitely do with more of this in my life. I love creating jewellery that is bold, playful and colourful. My favourite has been the “Secret Disco” earring and necklace set. I aim to approach this year with a calmer sense of organisation so that I have time to focus on creating fun pieces like that once again.

What's your favourite colour?