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CURVE necklace: Inky Blue

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Stellen Curve necklace: Inky Blue chunky statement necklace made with dark blue T-shirt yarn.

I asked my Instagram followers to help name this colour, here are a few of their suggestions for alternative names: Luna Blu, Barry, Bluetooth pairing, Nautical Knot, Inky goodness, Lapis Lazuli, Lark, Luxury, Regal.

One statement hand-crocheted necklace made from T-shirt yarn, a waste product of the fashion industry. Crafted with care, it’s a soft, light piece to complement any look or style.
This is jewellery made from fabrics that were destined for dumping! It’s a win win situation; a necklace that’s both visually stunning and ethically pleasing.
Simply fasten with a bow behind the neck. It’s versatile. Wear it high and snug, low and relaxed, or somewhere in between. Approx length of crochet section 20cm, approx length end to end 110cm.

This fabric has a low stretch and is lovely and soft.

More colourways are available on my other listings. Combine more than one to make your own distinctive colour palette. Naturally, reclaimed yarns are only available in limited quantities, so don’t let this hang around in your basket for too long…

Each item is handmade from a rescued yarn and therefore unique; exact colours, pattern and width of yarn may vary. Some fabric may have rough edges and/or pin holes and patterns may have irregularities in their print, but each piece will be beautifully wearable and unique.

What is t-shirt yarn? T-shirt yarn has many names: jersey yarn, trapilho & zpagetti to name a few. You can make your own using old t-shirts, but the yarn used here is brand new fabric that has been reclaimed from fashion industry waste. It is made from textile leftovers in the form of long strips of fabric wound into a bobbin. As the long, flat strips are wound tightly the fabric is pulled and the edges roll in towards each other and create a rounded yarn. The yarn has ‘raw’ edges, which can sometimes curl in and out throughout the jewellery. This is the nature of the irregular material

Composition of each t-shirt yarn varies : typical composition is around 90% cotton 10% elastane, however this necklace may contain other quantities of synthetic and natural fibers. This necklace is made with t-shirt yarn rescued by: Hoooked “Zpagetti is the original 100% recycled textile yarn made of superior quality recycled textile selvedges and remnants.”

These necklaces have long cords and tie fastenings and are not suitable for children.