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Set of 4 colours : TRIANGLE earrings : set B

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Stellen X Wyatt and Jack triangle earrings : Set of 4 pairs of coloured triangles to mix and match. Bouncy Castle PVC + one pair of sterling silver hoops.

The Quad selection of colours! Designed to be worn in pairs of contrasting colours, with the triangles facing opposite directions. Pair the colours together to make your own combinations. These salvaged bouncy castle earrings are made from flexible PVC and vinyl PVC, they are flat 2D shapes with a small hole that allow them to be easily removed and replaced on the silver hoops.

If you already own the hoops, there is the option to buy without the hoops.

You will receive:

4 pairs of coloured Bouncy Castle PVC and Vinyl PVC triangles in:

Orange, Green, Dark OR Light blue (please select) & Purple

That's 6 combinations!

If you choose the option "with hoops" you will also receive:

1 pair of 24mm sterling silver hoop findings.

If you choose the option "without hoops" you will only receive the coloured triangles.

Have you heard of Wyatt and Jack? They make gorgeous colourful bags from old bouncy castles and inflatables!   

‘Bouncy Castle Heaven’ sounds like fun, right? But let’s be honest... they don’t go there. PVC and vinyl is really hard to recycle. So usually they get buried in landfill, taking hundreds of years to decompose. Or incinerated. Neither of which is good for the planet. Giving discarded plastics a second lease of life like this keeps them out of the waste stream and means we use up fewer brand new resources, too.

Feeling inspired, I asked Wyatt and Jack if they fancied a collaboration. They said yes! Alongside my bag order they sent me a package of off-cuts they couldn’t use, and the rest is history. So from those I make quirky earrings, because I can’t bear anything to go to waste, and neither can they.

A perfect little pop of colour, to cheer up any outfit.

When you get asked about your amazing earrings you can tell the admirer smugly that not only are they awesome, but you helped divert a little bit of plastic waste from landfill, too.

I use quality sterling silver hoops, for jewellery that will last. Sterling silver can be reused or recycled if you decide you’ve finished with it.  

Sometimes it is simplicity that works the best. In these triangle earrings the simple act of hanging triangles facing in opposite directions gives the earrings a sense of movement in line with the waste materials they are made from, as they swing and bounce along independently from each other they are at once stars, zigzags, wings and triangles.

Not suitable for children.